Registration & Directions

Registration is officially open!!!!



Exchange includes 5 full days of workshops, including all instruction and materials; one week of camping in pristine High Desert country; water and basic facilities, including sheltered cooking area complete with stoves and fuel.  Oh, and an experience of our true nature, community, and authentic empowerment that we all long for so dearly.

                   please note:  this event is not a capitalistic endeavor; rather, it is an attempt at local co-operative economics.

  • At the Gate:  $395
  • Early Registration (before July 21st):  $345
  • Really Early Registration (before July 1st):  $295
  • Children under age 7 and elders over age 77 attend for free!
  • Children aged 8-14 receive an additional $50 discount
  • Day Rate:  $100

We are keeping this event as low-tech as is reasonably possible.  We believe that remembering how to interact without the use of electronic mediums may well be the most valuable skill-set we can focus attention on.  Thus, you cannot register on-line, nor pay with any sort of plastic card.  One can register by means of mail (snail) or in-person; payment options cash, check, or money-order.  This also keeps our financial resources within the community, with none of it going to paypal, credit-card companies, or other financial “middle-men”.

To Register in Person:

I, Cannon, the event organizer, am in (the town of) Durango, Colorado several times a week.  Thus, if you live in or near Durango and would like to meet up and register in person, please email or give me a call and we can arrange a time and place (586.262.7216).  I’d love to meet you, share a hug, and be present with each other as we make this exchange!

To Register by Mail (snail!) :

simply make out a check or money order to: Brian Cannon, then send to this address:

Cannon; 385 C.R. 225; Durango, CO; 81301

be sure to include a note with your full name(s), and contact info including phone number(s) and email address(es).   What could be simpler?!

Upon receipt you will receive a confirmation email, with other pertinent information.


Work Trade

There are a few work-trade positions available.  Work-traders will pay $100, and give 20 hrs of work, either before, after, or during the event.  If interested in work-trade, please send us a detailed email about yourself and why you’d like to be a work-trader for this event, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Directions to Thunderbird Ranch and 4CG/2017:

From Colorado Highway 160, about midway between Mancos and Hesperus, take Cheery Creek Road South for about 5.5 miles.  Valley turns to canyon, narrower and narrower, and then you will see the fancy sign pictured bellow these words, possibly along with other fancy signs, indicating that you have arrived, and directing you where to park and so forth.



A Few things to be Aware of

This is a Screen-Free Event!  Meaning: this space, this event, this village we are creating, will be free of all digital screens, including: all phones, cameras, computers, televisions, tablets, i-pods, and whatever else they come up with between now and then.  Now, we know what you’re thinking: “that’s great!  finally!  a break from all that!  but….  i sure would like a few photos.  hmmm..”  Well, we would like a few photos too; so, we will have a professional photographer at the event, and the screen on his/her camera will be the one and only exception to this policy.  There will be designated times when the photographer will circulate and take pictures.  If anyone does not want photos taken of them at any time, simply communicate this clearly with the photographer.  After the event, the photos (the best of them) will be made available to all who were present.

We are unable to welcome dogs at this event.  (Or any other pets or livestock.)  The only exception may be certified leader dogs for the visually impaired.  “Service dogs” cannot be welcomed, as the “service-dog” label has been abused to the point that it is no longer valid.


About Drugs and Alcohol

We strive to create a drug and alcohol free environment, and ask you to contribute to this to the best of your ability.


We most sincerely hope that you will be inspired to join us in co-creating this

Community-Building and Culture-Shaping Event!