Wilderness SoulQuest

Wilderness Immersion SoulQuest

February 20th-March 6th, 2018, in the rugged, spectacular, and legendary Sonoran Desert (Central Arizona)

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Join the Winter Moon tribe as we journey into some of the wildest places on Earth, and into some of the wildest places within ourselves.  This is a time to reflect on the season that has passed and to set your vision and goals for the season that is to come, all while learning the basic living skills necessary to thrive in a wilderness environment.

This course will cover a wide variety of wilderness skills which, once developed to proficiency, will enable you to thrive in nearly any environment on Earth, under most conditions.  Acquiring these skills through copious hands-on experience will deepen your relationships with the wild world and that which sustains you in such profound ways it defies description.

Skills to be covered include: Site Selection, Prioritization, Shelter-Making, Knot-tying, Fire by Friction, Fire Management, Cooking by Fire, Primitive Trapping, Edible, Medicinal, and Utilitarian uses (cordage, basketry, etc.) of Wild Plants, Aiki Jodo (a Japanese martial art utilizing the short staff), and much more.

This experience is specifically designed to facilitate an authentic self-reflection, and to empower one to walk through life with awareness, mindfulness, and confidence.

It’s hard to put into words what this program is all about.  Throughout the journey, we engage in an on-going dialogue about our experiences, both inner and outer.  We sing a lot, and encourage each other to express our experiences through song.  Click here to read some of the songs that came out of the 2016 and 2017 Immersion programs; we believe this may be the best way to convey the depth and power of the experience.


“I got everything I needed from this experience, including about a million things I didn’t even know I needed.” ~  “Compass” Ken Yapelli, above left showing off his first basket.

Program Exchange: $900

REFERRAL INCENTIVE:  Get a friend to sign up and receive an additional $50 reduction off of your own exchange!

Use this button to pay the appropriate amount. It is called a “donation” by PayPal, in order that you can select the amount you are paying for this event.

Note:  This is our 5th year offering this program.  In years past, the Soulquest has ranged from 4-6 weeks.  This year it is only 2 weeks.  Why?  Because we have a special opportunity to collaborate with our friend and teacher Herman Kathan for a very limited time frame, and are thus offering a new program called Beats & Baskets immediately following the Immersion Soulquest.  So, if you’re bummed that this year’s SQ is only 2 weeks- not to worry!  You can participate in Beats & Baskets right afterwards and keep the skills immersion rolling.  We’ll make it even easier for you: if you want to participate in both programs, we’ll give you a $100 discount, in addition to any early registration discounts.  For info on Beats & Baskets, find it in the menu bar and click on it.


SQ Participants will be responsible for their own food needs. We will help you with the food planning.

SQ Participants will also be responsible for their own transportation needs, though we can often help out.


“I have spent over a year reflecting on my experiences living and working with the Winter Moon Tribe. Those two months had an incredibly deep impact on my life, my development, and my understanding of our mystical planet we call Earth.  I got to milk Lily every day, and we took daily creek baths. We made “ash cake” bread-bowls and pizza crusts and washed our clothes in juniper tea. We harvested Mesquite and carved spoons and coal-burned boxes. I built a woven juniper-bough fence to dry firewood for next year, and to keep the goats nearby. We scrambled up ridges and scraped our shins… Owls sang us to sleep and woodpeckers let us know the sun was rising… Cardinals and mallards played near the creek while ravens and bald eagles cruised mysteriously overhead. We picked fresh mustard greens near our camp and harvested watercress and nettles by the creek. The cottonwoods were starting to bud. The whole meadow buzzed with life and I felt so blessed to be living in the middle of it all.”

~Maria Weir  participant in the 2015 Wilderness Immersion


“….thanks again for holding space for such a sweet, rich, and deep experience. I didn’t really realize how much our time out affected me until I returned to the life I was living before. The life I’m returning to is really rich and beautiful in many ways, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of emptiness since being back.  Daily tasks feel disconnected, from cooking to washing my clothes and everything in between. People have been asking me what the biggest take-away was from this experience and it’s a hard question to answer. Of course, I learned a lot of practical skills and ways to make living out in the wilderness easier and more comfortable. This is just a small piece of the pie though. I personally experienced such an expansiveness in being. I feel like I got a glimpse of such a sweetness in living. I feel more comfortable in my skin, more connected and at peace than I ever have without the help of drugs.  I’m definitely still processing a lot and questioning the way I’m living and the direction I want to take this life. I just wanted to share a bit of the impact this experience has had on me and to let you know that I’m grateful for you….”

~Chloe Fae  participant in the 2016 Wilderness Immersion



About Winter Moon Programs:

We are not a business, and we are not selling anything. We are not a non-profit organization seeking donations.  We are not a school offering classes for tuition fees.

We are people doing our best to live a simple, honest life, to be the change we wish to see in the world.  These programs are an invitation to share in our lives.

All healthy relationships require balance.  By sharing your financial resources with us, we are able to ensure a certain degree of balance in our relationship and thus create a healthy collaborative effort.

Money is not the only way to create this balance.  We are very interested in trading for goods, skills, and services, but know that we are hard to trade with because we work so hard to provide for all of our own needs, and what we lack is very specific.

If you are interested in participating in any of the Winter Moon programs listed, please send us a brief yet detailed email telling us who you are, your level of experience related to the types of things we do, and why you would like to participate in the program(s).  Or better yet, come and find us at one of the Primitive Skills gatherings we teach at, and tell us all that in person.  We can then advise you if a Winter Moon program is right for you, and give you the specifics about how to sign up.  Thanks for your interest!

***Some additional things to be aware of if considering participating in a WM program.***

  • A 50% deposit will hold your place in a WM program.  This deposit will be refundable only in the event that we are forced to cancel a program.
  • If participating in a wilderness excursion, we will be more than happy to help you plan for gear and food (if necessary).
  • We are unable to welcome dogs, or any other pets or livestock, into a WM program.
  • We carry no insurance of any kind.  Instead, we take personal responsibility for our own safety, health, and well-being.  We expect participants to likewise take responsibility for themselves.
  • We do not allow participants to take photos or doing any filming during a WM program.  We find it to be a major distraction to everyone.  Our programs are specifically oriented towards experiential learning, thus we prefer participants to focus energy on the experience itself rather than on capturing it on film.  However, we know that people like photos.  We do too.  So, one of program leaders will discretely take a few photos here and there throughout the program, and those photos will be made available to everyone participating.