La Plata Canyon SkillScene

 Earth.  Skills.  Community.

~Fall 2017 Offerings~

Weaving the Dream Weekend:

Sat. October 14th  “The Healing Drum”: Workshop with Vanessa Morgan and Durango Drums 10am-3pm   Experience the drum as a vehicle for healing and deepening self awareness. This workshop combines Ceremony, Shamanic Journeying & Trance Drumming.  Exchange: $50 before Oct. 7th, $75 after Oct. 7th

To Register for “The Healing Drum”, please click here to link to the Durango Drums Website

Sun. October 15th  Cattail Baskets: Workshop with Cannon and the Winter Moon Initiative 11am-4pm   Learn to utilize an abundant and essential plant ally to create beautiful and useful containers.  We will focus on 2 weaving techniques -plaiting and twining- which can be applied to many different materials to produce diverse crafts.  Exchange: $45 before Oct. 8th, $65 after Oct. 8th


A Day in the Canyon with
Regional Plant Expert and Author Katrina Blair, leading a Wild Plants Awareness Walk & Harvest    click here to learn more about Katrina and her work

Ancestral Skills Practitioner and Guide Cannon, leading a (Friction)Fire-Making &Tending Workshop    click here to learn more about Cannon and his work

and nationally celebrated Naturalist and Storyteller, all the way from N.Carolina Doug Elliott, sharing Stories, Songs & Lore ‘round the Fire     click here to learn more about Doug and his work

Thursday October 19th  10am-5pm

Exchange: $55 before Oct. 12th, $75 after Oct. 12th     (50% work-exchange possible with Katrina out at Turtle Lake Refuge.)


Wild Willow Basket-Weaving Intensive

with Cannon and the Winter Moon Initiative

Sun. October 29th  1pm-5pm  Harvest Day, on the Animas River in Durango

Fri., Sat., Sun., November 3,4,5  10am-5pm  Weaving!  Learn the basics (and more!) of Traditional European Wicker as we create beautiful and useful baskets that will serve us for years to come, while deepening our connection with yet another essential plant ally.  Exchange: $145 before Oct. 25th, $175 after Oct. 25th


→The La Plata Canyon SkillScene takes place at the Silver Star Hut, 7 miles up La Plata Canyon Road (CR 124), in the heart of La Plata Canyon, just West of Durango, Colorado.  All Events include an optional overnight stay, either indoors or “camping-out.”

click here to check out the Silver Star Hut